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Kay Swinburne

Dr Swinburne was elected as Conservative MEP for Wales in July 2009. Her academic qualifications include a degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology followed by a Ph.D. in medical research and an MBA. A successful career in investment banking has given her in-depth knowledge of the global financial markets, specialising in advisory work for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including M& A, venture capital investments, mezzanine financing and IPOs.

This, combined with her experience advising businesses in Europe and the US, led to her appointment as Coordinator of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee. Other responsibilities include being a member of the European Economic Area delegation. Dr Swinburne also serves as a Welsh Conservative Party Board Member.

Dr Swinburne has followed closely all of the financial market reform legislation in the EU since being elected and is shadow Rapporteur on the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive and Regulation (MiFID II) and the Regulation on Benchmarks reform, as well as EMIR concerning central clearing of derivatives and SFTR concerning the reporting of securities financing transactions.